We support Muslims in Denver

As President Trump’s executive orders are handed out, already mosques are burning.

We stand ready to protect all members of the human family, and we will not permit fascism to take hold in our streets.  What happened in Texas cannot happen in Denver.

Please sign up with as many dates and times as you can, when you are normally available.  We will continue this project as long as there are Greens and allies ready to support.


The common question is whether the mosques have agreed to this. The fact is that they are aware and have not declined. They are not dissuading us, so to respect their process, we are posting off their property sites at a watchful distance.
We should not be so naive as to think that this travel ban appeal rejection will not cause some folks to want to cause ruckus. We should be at the ready to defend.
We are not encouraging direct engagement if trouble arises unless folks have de-escalation/self-defense training. In that case, we’re advising calling the “authorities.” Either way, volunteers should be ready to take pictures and video and to take down descriptions and license plate numbers to assist in any potential investigations, should things occur.
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