November 21, 2011

The Denver Greens Support Occupy Denver, Occupy Wall Street

The Denver Greens stand in solidarity with Occupy Denver, Occupy Wall Street, and the greater Occupy movement.  The organizing structure of the Occupy movement has been decentralized and democratic, inclusive and diverse, and has promoted non-violent tactics.  These qualities resemble several of the 10 Key values of the Green Party, such as: Decentralization, Grassroots Democracy, Respect for Diversity, Feminism and Gender Equity, and Non-Violence.

Although the participants of the Occupy movement are diverse and represent a broad spectrum of belief and opinion, the movement has a clear intent to address the inequality that results from an unjust distribution of wealth.  As Greens, we share this sentiment and offer many solutions to promote a more equitable distribution of wealth.  The Denver Greens accept the Declaration of the Occupation of New York City.  This document was created by the Occupy Wall Street movement and has since been accepted by the general assemblies of many other Occupy groups.  We feel that the platform of the Green Party of the United States directly addresses nearly all of the grievances mentioned in this document.

The Denver Greens support Occupy Denver.  We applaud this group’s persistence and use of non-violent tactics.  Occupy Denver’s participants are entitled to the use of public space and should be allowed to erect temporary structures to provide protection from the harsh Colorado weather.  We denounce the violent measures used by police officers against peaceful protesters.