Bylaws: the new bylaws were ratified, with these particular changes:

  • The name of the local is now Denver Green Party.
  • Monthly dues of at least $5 is required to maintain voting member status.
  • The party’s orientation is specifically anti-capitalist and anti-oppression.
  • Registered Greens living in counties outside of Denver, where there is not an existing local party, are welcome to apply for membership.
  • The Denver Green Party will not endorse the candidates registered with any other electoral party for either partisan or non-partisan offices.

The full bylaws are now posted for public view at the website.

Three new voting members were welcomed.

Sean Sanford will become the newest member of the state council representatives from Denver, effective Wednesday, November 23.  With this addition, the state council reps from Denver are Amanda Trujillo, Angela Humphrey, Jason Justice and Sean Sanford.  Andrea Merida retains a vote as an at-large member of the state council due to her role as state party co-chair.

There was a robust discussion about the election, the comportment of senate candidate Arn Menconi during his campaign and his interactions with tribal elders at Standing Rock the week before the election, the state party’s goal of growing the number of Green registrations to at least 1% of the statewide voter registration number, and discussion about municipal and state races in Denver.  It was discussed that this local party may rate independent candidates or those from outside the duopoly.  We may cross-endorse with non-duopoly parties, but the preference is to ask those candidates to register Green.

The next meeting will be held at the Corky Gonzales library on December 18 at 3:30 p.m.