Hello, fellow Green Party voter!  Here’s a brief recap of what we covered at this week’s monthly Denver Green Party business meeting.

We handed out voter registration forms to everyone present, with the challenge that we sign up at least 10 new registrations during the month of September.  We’re also presenting that challenge to each of you who weren’t able to attend the meeting.  Since many of us Greens are already involved in various movements, a good way for us to bump up our numbers is to carry registration forms with you and sign people up where you join in activism with others.

We’re making plans to collect voter registrations at public places like the 16th Street Mall or at rallies and demonstrations.

Do you want to help, either by carrying some forms with you or joining us at a public site?  You will need to watch a short online video and sign a form attesting that you were trained, as required by law.  Please contact co-chair Andrea Merida at 303-550-0677 (voice or text) or at andrea@denvergreenparty.org to sign up.

We’re asking Denver Greens to show up at Mayor Hancock’s “Cabinet in the Community” event on September 6, starting at 8:30 a.m. at Manual High School.  We will attempt to ask questions about the BearCat armored urban assault vehicle that is often on display at these events, about DPD’s standard practice regarding the use of such weapons, how much we’re paying to maintain them or restock them, etc.
We’re asking that each of you think of questions you think we should ask.  The idea is that we’ll divide all the questions among as many of us (and allies) as possible, so that they don’t shut one of us down.
What’s your question?  Respond to this email to let us know.

It’s time to get cracking on planning social and fundraising events like potlucks and garage sales.  These could really be important ways for us to raise money to have better signage and help volunteers get to our tabling and other events and even start sending out notices to registered Greens via U.S. Mail.  We’re looking for people to link up with us to get this going.  Please respond to this email if you can help, at least with ideas.

…is on Wednesday, September 17 at 6 p.m. at the Blair-Caldwell Library in Five Points.  Please suggest any agenda topics that we can discuss during the meeting.

Because we believe in the democratic process, we need more hands on deck.  Voting members are asked to make an annual $15 dues contribution as well as assist in the operation of the chapter in some way.  There’s more information here:  https://denvergreenparty.org/get-involved/membership/.  Won’t you consider becoming a voting member today?

We hope to build community with you soon!

Laura Clark and Andrea Merida, co-chairs