Acting on Green Party key values of ecological wisdom, future focus and sustainability, the Denver Green Party endorses the Denver Green Roof Initiative (I-300), in a unanimous vote on September 20, 2017.

I-300 is a grassroots campaign, powered by volunteers and personal donations, with only around $1,000 raised to date, per campaign staff.

Denver has the third most intense urban heat island (UHI) effect in the country, after Las Vegas and Albuquerque. Poor air quality, specifically particulate and ozone pollution, is also a serious health concern, with working class and homeless peoples being most vulnerable and affected.

Green roofs are energy efficient, reduce the UHI effect, improve air quality, provide storm water management and habitat, lessen noise pollution, and create opportunities for urban agriculture and education.

We encourage Green voters and our allies to vote for this important initiative and to contribute time, talent or treasure as possible.