One of our registered Green Party members is running for Denver school board! We wanted to tell you about this great candidate, Julie Bañuelos, and to ask you to join us in supporting her.

Julie Bañuelos is a longtime Denver resident and spent her childhood at the former Ebert Elementary in the Curtis Park neighborhood. She is the oldest of four daughters of migrant worker parents, and her father set the family’s high expectations for success by receiving a degree in Engineering.

After achieving a degree in Economics from Grinnell College in Iowa and while building a career in portfolio management, Julie made time to volunteer at her old elementary school. Her true passion soon emerged, and Julie decided to become a certified teacher. Her first post was at Ebert, and she survived one of Denver Public Schools’ first community disruptions, when Ebert was close to become Polaris, a school for highly-gifted students in grades K-5.

Julie’s 15+ years in the classroom were also spent at Academia Sandoval and Centennial K-8 in northwest Denver. Julie became a Montessori teacher, she helped children thrive in a dual-language environment and even supported English learner students with disabilities.

Because of Julie’s first-hand experience with the turmoil caused by school closures and the associated scapegoating of veteran teachers and vulnerable students, she is resolved to defend Denver’s public schools. Julie’s skill with investments and budgets, classroom best practices, defending students and supporting struggling families make her the best choice this November for school board at-large.

Having been a member of the Denver Classroom Teacher Association’s board of directors, she already has strong support from among union teachers. This may possibly be the first time in Green Party history that a teacher’s union endorses a registered Green. It’s an exciting possibility!

The critique we Greens often get is that we never run for local races and always focus only on presidential candidates. Well, this is a local race we can win, but we need your help. How?

Please commit to becoming a part of Julie’s campaign in any way you can. Because we don’t take corporate donations, we need all hands on deck.

And please join us at our Denver Green Party local chapter meeting:

Sunday, May 21, 2017
3 pm
The Deer Pile, 206 E. 13th Avenue

(doorway located on the southwest corner of the City O’ City restaurant building)

Hope to see you on the campaign trail to support Julie Bañuelos for Denver school board, at-large!