Can you attend our Green Party of Colorado state meeting this Saturday in Denver?

The Annual Meeting of the Green Party of Colorado is coming at the end of this month!  On August 29, representatives from across the state will convene onthe Corky Gonzales Library in Denver.  The meeting starts at 9 a.m.

For the Green Party voter, these meetings are important for a couple of reasons:
First, you have an opportunity to meet with party leaders, and members from other places in the state.
Second, you can participate in the process by  voting on amendments and party officers, AND by becoming part of our team and helping the Green Party grow in Colorado!
Here are the people running for officers of the Green Party of Colorado.
  • Bill Bartlett (incumbent), Greeley/Poudre Valley:
  • Harry Hempy, Greater Boulder:
  • Andrea Merida, Denver:


  • Tom Hall, Greater Boulder:


  • Sean Friend, Arapahoe:

GPUS National Committee Representative:

  • Larry Dunn, Adams/Jeffco:
  • Trey Rapczak, Greater Boulder:

Council Facilitator:

  • Brittany Hoover (incumbent), Greeley:

This is a public event, so you can bring friends, family, and coworkers who might be interested in knowing more about the Greens.  All registered Greens are allowed to vote on any issues that are presented at the meeting.  Come ready to be involved!

NOTE:  You must be registered as a Green to vote at this state meeting.  Verify your registration by clicking here.

We are asking for attendees to pre-register so we can save time getting everyone certified for voting the day of the meeting!
Pre-register here:
Will we see you there?