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Denver Green Party ballot question recommendations 2021

As we review this November’s ballot questions, we affirm some core values. First, we believe that people come before profits, and the public purse should be spent primarily to improve the quality of life for Denver residents. Secondly, we do not believe that the city...

Denver Charter Committee: Ranked Choice Voting is right for Denver

DENVER GREEN PARTY CALLS UPON DENVER CHARTER COMMITTEE TO REFER RANKED CHOICE VOTING TO THE BALLOT The Denver Green Party (DGP) advocates for the City and County of Denver to adopt Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) as a referred measure for Denver’s November 2021 ballot. To...

Live stream video for January 13, 2021

Support the Denver Internet Initiative

In 2005, the Colorado General Assembly passed Senate Bill 05-152, preventing local governments from entering into the broadband internet market and using tax money on fiber optic infrastructure. On the November ballot, voters will be able to “opt out” of SB05-152 by...

Denver Green Party Position on SB 20-217: Enhance Law Enforcement Integrity

Should the Denver Green Party support SB 20-217? We find ourselves able to, even with the very paltry array of reforms the bill provides. Is it a step in the right direction? Not really. Many have looked to the introduction of SB 20-217, which would not even become...

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