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Our list of core values are called the 10 Key Values of the Green Party of the United States.  Read them and ponder!

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The Future of Public Education in Denver

What would happen if every public school in Denver became privatized? What if the teacher's union were eliminated? What if the Denver Public Schools ignored everything a school community wants? Think this is a remote impossibility? Think again! It's time for...

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2016 Ballot Question Positions

On October 23, 2016, the Denver Green Party ratified the following positions on the ballot questions that will appear on the Denver county ballot for November 2016. Statewide Ballot Initiatives Amendment T: Exception to slavery prohibition for criminals Position: YES...

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Colorado Greens

We are an affiliate of the Colorado Green Party.  Click here to visit that site and learn more about getting involved at the state level.

Green Party of the United States

The Colorado Green Party (and subsequently the Denver Greens) is part of the federation of state parties that form the Green Party of the United States.  Click here to learn more, and please consider donating to the national party.  Thank you!