The Denver Greens

Chapter Bylaws

Adopted June 20th, 2011

I. Name

1.1 The name of this local chapter of the Green Party of Colorado is The Denver Greens.

II. Purpose and Values

2.1 The purpose of this organization is to work towards a Green society as represented by the Ten Key Values of the Green Party of the United States. These values are as follows:

Ecological Wisdom

Grassroots Democracy

Community Based Economics and Economic Justice

Social Justice and Equal Opportunity



Respect for Diversity

Feminism and Gender Equality

Personal and Global Responsibility

Future Focus and Sustainability

2.2 This political organization may use nonviolent methods to affect social change, including but not restricted to: campaigning for electoral offices, petitioning for or supporting ballot initiatives, generating public input, community organizing, peaceful protesting, and educational campaigns and outreach.

2.3 The Denver Greens may develop a platform regarding issues of local, regional, national, or international concerns, as deemed appropriate by the membership. The Denver Greens may also adopt the platform of the state or national party.

III. Membership

3.1 To be a member of the Denver Greens, one must be a registered voter of the Green Party of Colorado and reside in Denver County.    Those residing in a region of the Denver-Metro area (as defined by the Denver-Aurora-Broomfield, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area) where no local Green Party chapter exists may join the Denver Greens until a chapter for their area is formed.  Members of the Denver Greens must agree to support the Ten Key Values, must abide by the bylaws of the Denver Greens and the Green Party of Colorado, and should generally agree with the local party platform and the state and national party platforms.  Members of the Denver Greens must act in a way that represents the organization positively.  Members meeting these criteria are considered members in good standing.

3.2 Membership shall be open to anyone regardless of race, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, appearance, or physical ability.

3.3 Voting Members of the Denver Greens are members of the Denver Greens that have the ability to vote on Denver Greens officers, Denver Greens representatives to Green Party of Colorado Council, nominations for Green Party candidates running for an office relevant to Denver or Congressional District 1, official positions of the Denver Greens, and a platform or platform items of the Denver Greens.  If the vote is taking place at a local meeting, Voting Members may agree to extend any of these voting abilities on a case by case basis to the members of the Denver Greens in good standing present at the meeting.

3.4 To be eligible to be a Voting Member of the Denver Greens, one must have been a member in good standing according to section 3.1 for at least 30 successive days and pay annual dues of $15 to the Denver Greens.  The dues requirement may be waived partially or entirely to those that are unable to pay.  Individuals seeking a waiver from dues must submit a letter to the Denver Greens secretary briefly describing their interest in the Denver Greens and stating their inability to pay.  This must be done annually if the individual wishes to renew this status.

3.5 Voting Members are considered inactive and will not be considered for the purposes of quorum if they have missed 2 consecutive official votes.  These members will be restored to active status upon voting again.  Members that have not resided in the Denver-Metro area for a duration greater that 6 consecutive weeks will be considered inactive and not eligible to vote until their residency in the Denver-Metro area has been restored.

3.6 The membership of an individual in the Denver Greens may be revoked for failing to abide by the Ten Key Values, for disrupting the work of the Denver Greens, or for acting in a way that represents the organization in an unfavorable manner.  A vote of  the Voting Members at a local meeting is required to revoke membership in the Denver Greens.  Any individual must be informed of the potential revocation of membership at least two weeks prior to the vote and have a chance to speak in his or her defense or prepare a written statement to be read at the meeting where the vote is held. The revoked membership of an individual in the Denver Greens can be appealed and reversed by the Voting Members by vote at a local meeting.

3.7 Persons who do not meet the membership requirements of the Denver Greens as stated in 3.1, 3.3, 3.4, and 3.5 may attend and participate in meetings, but they shall not have the ability to block proposals, serve as officers or candidates of the Denver Greens, serve as State Council representatives, national representatives, or portray themselves as representing the Denver Greens.

IV. Structure

4.1 Meetings shall be called by the Co-chairs at a time and location agreed upon by members at the previous meeting or by notification of members to an extent as reasonably possible, at least one week if possible before the proposed meeting.

4.2 Decisions will be by consensus if possible or if not then by a simple majority, except as noted elsewhere.  All officers as well as active Voting Members shall have the right to vote.

4.3 Decisions concerning policy, objectives, or creation or deletion of an office requires a consensus or a vote of a quorum of at least 75% of the Voting Members, or a vote by Voting Members at a local meeting.

V. Officers

5.1 Officers shall include two Co-chairs, Secretary and Treasurer.  These four will be chosen in odd number years at a designated meeting in either  March or April.  A special election may be held at any time to fill these positions when a vacancy exists.

Representatives to State and National Conventions will be chosen at a local meeting.  In the event of a vacancy of an officer position, a Co-chair may fulfill the duties of the vacant position or delegate another officer to do so until a new officer is elected.

5.2 Members voting for officers must meet the requirements stated in sections 3.1, 3.3, and 3.4.

5.3 If a Denver Greens officer’s position is vacated in between official meetings, the other officers may make a temporary appointment to be affirmed by a vote of the Voting Members of the Denver Greens.

5.4 Officers shall be elected by the Voting Members of the Denver Greens.  Voting Members of the Denver Greens that are in good standing shall be eligible to run for an office of the Denver Greens.  The candidate with the greatest number of votes shall be elected to the office.  Approval voting may be used to conduct these elections.

5.5 If any officer or State Council representative of the Denver Greens is found to be in contempt of the goals or bylaws of the Denver Greens or the Green Party of Colorado, recall proceedings may be initiated by any three Voting Members.  A quorum of 75% of the Voting Members, or a two thirds vote of the Voting Members present at a local meeting where notice of the agenda for the meeting as an officer recall meeting has been announced for at least 14 days is required to achieve the recall of an officer.

5.6 Representatives of the Denver Greens on the Green Party of Colorado State Council shall be chosen by a vote of the Voting Members by means of approval voting.

VI. Officer Duties

6.1 Co-chairs will set the initial agenda for meetings seeking input from members prior to the meeting, take action on expedient matters, and act as representatives to the press on local issues or delegate such duties.  Co-chairs may form committees to handle specific tasks (such as a website committee.)

6.2 The Treasurer shall have charge of the books of the Denver Greens and account monthly for all moneys collected and disbursed, as well as file required financial reports at local, State and Federal level.  Disbursement of funds should be approved at a regular meeting or, if  time sensitive, by the officers’ unanimous consent.

6.3 The Secretary is to maintain a list of the members in good standing, Voting Members, officers, and representatives to the Green Party of Colorado Council. In addition, the Secretary is responsible for taking and archiving meeting minutes.  The Secretary will maintain a copy of the bylaws with any current amendments, forwarding the same to the Green Party of Colorado and any governmental unit requiring a copy, and maintain a list of those organizations requiring a copy.  The Secretary will attempt to get minutes and/or bylaws to any member in good standing who requests them.

VII. Candidates

7.1 Any regular meeting may constitute itself as a vetting agent for the Denver Greens, or the Voting Members may approve a vetting committee created by the Co-Chairs consisting of Denver Greens members in good standing.

7.2 Voting Members will be responsible for nominating Green Party of Colorado candidates to run for local political office in partisan elections based on the principle of one person one vote.  An officer of the Denver Greens shall forward those nominations for ratification to the state nominating convention.

7.3 Members voting for the nomination of a candidate must have been registered in the Green Party of Colorado for at least 30 days prior to voting and must meet the requirements stated in sections 3.1, 3.3, and 3.4.

7.4 Candidates nominated by the Denver Greens must meet the following criteria:

a. A candidate should endorse the Ten Key Values and shall use these values as a basis for their political decision-making.

b. A candidate must be a registered elector of the Green Party of Colorado at least 60 days prior to seeking nomination.

c. In order to be a candidate running for local or state office a candidate must comply with any eligibility requirements of the state party, including the requirement as to how long they must have been a registered voter of the Green Party.

VIII. Amendments

8.1 These bylaws may be amended by a two thirds vote of the Voting Members  present at a local meeting where notice of the agenda for the meeting as a bylaw meeting has been announced for at least 14 days.

8.2 A  copy of adopted bylaws will be maintained by the Secretary and Co-chairs.