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Our list of core values are called the 10 Key Values of the Green Party of the United States.  Read them and ponder!

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February 21, 2018

No events scheduled for today!

Thank you, Julie Bañuelos!

First off, we want to congratulate our co-chair and sister, Banuelos Julie, for running.  She accepted NO corporate dollars, NO donations from any special interest, and she actually RETURNED donations that came from fracking sympathizers and teacher's union busters.  ...

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Denver Greens endorse Green Roof initiative I-300

Acting on Green Party key values of ecological wisdom, future focus and sustainability, the Denver Green Party endorses the Denver Green Roof Initiative (I-300), in a unanimous vote on September 20, 2017. I-300 is a grassroots campaign, powered by volunteers and...

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Colorado Greens

We are an affiliate of the Colorado Green Party.  Click here to visit that site and learn more about getting involved at the state level.

Green Party of the United States

The Colorado Green Party (and subsequently the Denver Greens) is part of the federation of state parties that form the Green Party of the United States.  Click here to learn more, and please consider donating to the national party.  Thank you!